Infotoaster, Logic on Fire

Data. I put it to work.

  • Web Application Design & Development
  • Mobile App Backend Design & Development
  • Graphic & UI Design

Elegant data design makes for elegant user experiences.
I think hard so your users don't have to.

About Me

Anthony Peluso

  • 20 Year Web & Internet Development Veteran
  • Has Worked with Startups, Fortune 500, Government, etc.
  • Experienced with Diverse Platforms & Languages, Current & Legacy
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Spoken, Written & Graphical
  • Makes Great Hummus

I consider projects of all sizes, team or solo.
Sometimes a company starts the project,
sometimes the project starts a company.

Panopticon Labs

To the detriment of my public portfolio, most of my work makes up the parts you don't see.
For backend and intranet projects, email for more information.

Resumé available by request: